All Out – Live in Nashville

Roller Coaster -Official Music Video

Montage of 4 songs from OK Corral set opening for Granger Smith

New Original, Two Of Us

Montage of songs from our Dwight Yoakam opening at The River Rock Theatre

New original song compilation

Think Of You cover – Beamer & Abby opening for Brett Kissel

Boombox, Official Music Video

Don’t You Wanna Stay – Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean cover by Beamer and Abby Stewart

Meteorite – Official Music Video

Tebey – Now I Do – live April 2016

Live at the B.C. Winter Games April 2016

Hit The Ground (Cover) – Live at the CCMA’s in Halifax 2015

Santana – Smooth (Cover) -2015

How You Learn To Live Alone (cover) -2015

Miracle Elixer (Sweeney Todd) -2015

Not While I’m Around (Sweeney Todd) – 2015

“A Christmas Tail” – Official Trailer – 2014

“I Finally Can See” (original) -2014

Sukiyaki – BC Fresh Competition – 2014